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Release Date:
21 Jun 2021
War / Comedy
30 min

The comic adventures of a group of misfits who form an extremely bad concert party touring the hot and steamy jungles of Burma entertaining the troops during World War II.

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  • Season 1 8 episodes
  • Season 2 8 episodes
  • Season 3 6 episodes
  • Season 4 8 episodes
  • Season 5 6 episodes
  • Season 6 7 episodes
  • Season 7 6 episodes
  • Season 8 7 episodes


1 Meet the Gang 1974-01-03
In Camp Deolali,,at the close of World War Two,a British army concert party is rehearsing 'Top Hat' to entertain the…
2 My Lovely Boy 1974-01-10
RSM Williams argues with the well-educated pianist Gunner Graham over spelling but loses the argument. Young Parkin identifies a picture…
3 The Mutiny of the Punka Wallahs 1974-01-17
Rumzan the company's punka wallah,who works a cooling fan with his feet,and other punka wallahs throughout the regiments,are to be…
4 A Star Is Born 1974-01-24
Parkin is useless on stage so the other performers sack him. An angry Williams appoints him as stores clerk -…
5 The Jungle Patrol 1974-01-31
Williams,who disapproves of soldiers as entertainers,thinks the men need toughening up and leads them on a survival course in the…
6 It's a Wise Child 1974-02-07
Parkin goes from one disaster to another. Asked to clear a mess from the yard he has the officer's mess…
7 The Road to Bannu 1974-02-14
The party are heading for Bannu to put on a show,first by train and then by jeep,which breaks down in…
8 The Inspector Calls 1974-02-21
Williams,as ever,is annoyed that the men do not act like 'real' soldiers but the colonel explains that,as a holding unit,they…


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