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Release Date:
20 Sep 2021
Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Animation / Action / Family
30 min

Once upon a time in Toon Town there was a cat who had it all. Fortune and fame, top of his game. Up until he hit the wall. Now he's down and out in Toon Town as a Comic Cop who solve crimes with hilarious results. With the help of his partners - Lucky Piquel (his first partner) and Miranda Wright (his second partner).

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  • Season 1 40 episodes
  • Season 2 6 episodes
  • Season 3 14 episodes
  • Season 4 5 episodes


1 Going Bonkers 1993-09-04
2 Gone Bonkers 1993-09-04
4 Hear No Bonkers, See No Bonkers 1993-09-07
Piquel is fired. But Bonkers still needs his help with a mysterious soap that makes toons disappear.
6 Is Toon Fur Really Warm? 1993-09-09
8 Fall Apart Bomb Squad 1993-09-13
Fall-Apart Rabbit helps Bonkers and Piquel capture an angry toon bomb with stand-up comedy dreams.
9 In Toons We Trust 1993-09-14
When Li'l Hubert is arrested on the scene, Bonkers believes he's innocent and helps clear his name.
10 Never Cry Pig 1993-09-15
It's another case for the Toon Division as Lucky Picquel and Bonkers investigate reports of a wolf blowing down the…
11 Hamster Houseguest 1993-09-16
12 The Day the Toon Stood Still 1993-10-18
13 Weather or Not 1993-09-21
15 Basic Spraining 1993-09-22
17 Luna-Toons 1993-09-24
Aliens invade Earth, but no one notices because the humans think they are toys.
18 Time Wounds All Heels 1993-09-27
A criminal Piquel sent up the river many years ago is back and stalking Piquel. Or so Piquel thinks.
19 Poltertoon 1993-09-28
A ghost moves into Piquel's house on the night Chief Kanifky's coming for dinner.
20 Hand Over the Dough 1993-09-29
Someone is sabotaging Butterman's Bakeries and the clues lead to spokestoon Mikey Muffin.
21 Ski Patrol/Bonkers in Space/The Rubber Room Song/Draining Cats and Dogs 1993-09-30
Bonkers is an ambulance driver, spaceship washer and more in a series of shorts.
22 Tune Pig 1993-10-01
Bonkers is the singer Julio Calamari's biggest fan - until he discovers Calamari's dark secret.
23 New Partners on the Block 1993-10-04
Bonkers gets teamed with Miranda Wright. Piquel gets a job with the F.B.I.
24 Witless for the Prosecution 1993-10-05
Miranda hides out in Bonkers' apartment but is not prepared for a weekend with his toon neighbors.
25 Bobcat Fever 1993-03-21
Bonkers is infected by a toon virus, Sheryl Germ, who believes she's been hired by an agent.
26 What You Read Is What You Get 1993-04-25
27 Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep? 1993-10-08
A frustrated toon sheep, Baabra, takes over Bonkers' dreams.
35 When the Spirit Moves You 1993-04-11
Bonkers and Miranda encounter a toon ghost from the 1930's and call in Ludwig Von Drake for help.
36 Of Mice and Menace 1993-10-21
38 The Stork Exchange 1993-03-14
Lilith DuPrave kidnaps the storks who deliver toon babies to their parents and involves them in weapons smuggling.
39 Dog Day AfterToon 1993-10-26
46 A Wooly Bully 1993-11-04
Toon superhero, Mammoth Mammoth, goes on a crime rampage while Bonkers tries to be more efficient.
48 O Cartoon! My Cartoon! 1993-11-10
Bonkers stars as a WWII pizza delivery cat, a brilliant detective and more in a series of shorts.
49 Color Me Piquel 1993-11-11
Lucky learns that Toons have the ability to rub off of people and temporarily transfer their color and traits to…
51 Cereal Surreal 1993-11-15
Someone is stealing the prizes out of all of the wheat crunchy cereal boxes.
52 If 1993-11-16
This collection of shorts showcases Bonkers as a delivery toon - even in the Wild West.
53 The Dimming 1993-11-17
Piquel spends his vacation as the caretaker of an old resort hotel so he'll have peace and quiet.
57 Goldijitters and the 3 Bobcats 1993-11-24
Bonkers has a prehistoric adventure, Jitters gets married, and more in this collection of shorts.
61 The Greatest Story Never Told 1994-02-07
Piquel ends up on the TV show, Cops R Us, when a toon camera and mic do a story about…
62 Fall Apart Land 1994-02-09
Lucky Piquel and Fall-Apart Rabbit become unlikely partners in a theme park called Fall Apart Land.


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