Steve Faber

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Steve Faber was born to a family of magicians who emigrated from Eastern Europe a long, long time ago. Grandson of Harry Faber, renowned sleight-of-hand artist, Faber attended UCLA where he earned degrees in both literature and history. Faber went on to graduate from law school. It was a tremendous mistake. He did, however and once and for all, learn the great life lesson that there is no money in poetry and no poetry in money. This lesson was learned at devastating psychological cost. After a brief flirtation with magic (which failed when the bottom simultaneously fell out of both the rabbit and the hat market), and a novel (which he hopes to finally publish in 2010), Faber secured a literary agent and began writing for television in the situation comedy genre. A half dozen sitcoms later, Faber realized that situation comedy was making not making him happy. In short, the situations were not comedic. This lesson was learned at devastating psychological cost. Shortly thereafter, films were written, pitched and sold. Some are being made. Some will never see the light of day. Some haunt Faber's dream life. Faber's hobbies include insomnia, taking meaningless drives through the canyons of Los Angeles, and listening to people argue.
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