Sammy Harte

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
21 April 1979 Virginia, USA
Born in Virginia, USA to a military family. Father was Irish Naval Corman in the Vietnam War, English instructor at Sophia University in Japan and mother was Japanese, Daughter of Buddhist Priest. Raised in Italy, Philippines, and Japan and moved to USA and attended University at the University of Texas at Austin. Graduated with BFA in Studio Art and BA in Art History. Is a classically trained Animator through ex Don Bluth and Disney Animator. Began Animating in 1998. Has taught Animation at various locations and has run a personally owned animation school for two years. Has worked with Little Wolf Entertainment Inc and with HorseBack Salad Entertainment as an Animator for clients such as Warner Brothers, Southwestern Airlines, Mattel Interactive, Hannah Barbara, and various others. Most notable work is for Japanese animations translated into English for the Austin, Texas branch of AD Vision Films called Monster Island Studios. She works as Animator, translator, and Voice Actress for various films and has made guest appearances at various animation conventions across the USA.
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