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An physician and frequent candidate, Dr. Monica Monica has parlayed her unusual name into a commodity, helped by circumstances not of her own making. The descendant of Italian immigrants, she had ambition to be a doctor and was a high achiever academically in her youth. She graduated from Tulane University Phi Beta Kappa and Cum Laude, and then she received an M.D. and PHD from Louisiana State University Medical School. She also received a post graduate degree in Heath Care Administration from Tulane University. She married and moved to Metarie, Louisiana, where she set up her medical practice. The field of medicine she practiced was Ophthalmology, a complex field which deals optical diseases and surgery. In that capacity, she became respected for her careful work and her friendly, supportive ways with her patients, who thought highly of her. During this practice, she became concerned with public policy regarding medicine, particularly with regard to the high insurance premiums her practice had to pay, and she became an advocate of malpractice reform. In January 1999, the Congressman who represented her community, Bob Livingston, suddenly resigned from Congress after an extramarital affair he once had was publicized by adult magazine publisher Larry Flynt. Monica decided to run for Congress in the special election to succeed him. Her name brought publicity due to President Bill Clinton's impeachment due to his lying in a lawsuit about his relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, although she protested, "This is not a politically cute trick. I was Monica long before the other one was. It's on my driver's license." She spent a significant amount of money on the race, but was overshadowed by some of the other candidates, including white separatist David Duke and state Representative David Vitter, who ultimately won the election. In the 2000 general election, Dr. Monica was again a candidate, but did not wage a serious candidacy. She resumed her practice, but remained an advocate on health care issues. She also, during time away, dabbled in acting. In 2005, her practice was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. In 2007, she ran unsuccessfully for the Louisiana state Senate.
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