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Jason Pace

Birth name:
Jason Robert Pace
Date of Birth:
24 January 1974 Staten Island, New York, USA
Jason's dream of playing professional football for the New York Giants was prematurely cut short, at birth, when he was born to parents 5' 5" and 4' 11". At 5' 7" and being Tom Cruise and Gene Kelly height, Jason decided to pursue his other passion, acting. As a child actor in New York he was seen in over 100 national commercials and did various recurring roles on television shows such as: Kate & Alley, As the World Turns and One Life to Live.Jason decided to further his education and earned his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Education/Child Development. During his college years, his passion for acting never waned, as demonstrated by his active participation in the highly reputable theatre department of Wagner College. After graduation, Jason moved to Los Angeles.In 2001, UPN decided to branch out to a larger demographic viewing audience and Jason had the good fortune of being cast as the first Caucasian lead actor on the UPN hit sitcom, "Girlfriends." Jason was cast as the quick witted, handsome, Jewish, plastic surgeon, Dr. Todd Garrett. He played the love interest, and later husband, to lead actor Jill Marie Jones. From 2001-2006, the comedy/drama of this bi-racial, bi-religious and child bearing couple brought the highest ratings to an already popular show. During his time on the show, "Girlfriends" was the #1 show watched by all woman 18-42 and was seen by over 9 million viewers per episode. As a way to give back to the community, Jason co -founded Children's Creative Center, A Performing Arts School for Children in the summer of 2001. There he has had the enjoyment of co-writing and directing over 30 productions.In 2004, Jason married and soon became a father of two beautiful children. He has recently returned to the industry after a 4 year hiatus raising his family.
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