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James Moses Black

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16 September 1962 Portsmouth, Virginia, USA
The funniest and sometimes mistakenly not serious James Moses Black grew up in a single parent household of his mother, Drena L.B. Harvard. Himself, sister and mother moved from Virginia to California, and from California to Pennsylvania where James grew up in Philly and in Pittsburgh. James graduated from South Hills high and Central State University Ohio. (Marauders). He opened for The Def Jam Comedy show in Pittsburgh and in Philly. James has done comedy at Knuckleheads, Scott Hansen Comedy stop, Andrew Fords comedy store, Ha Ha in Los Angeles and other comedy venues across the country. James considers himself a dude with a whole lot of talent you probably wouldn't expect. A creator, singer, actor and funny man, James has recently begun working with a mentor-ship program called mPLAY.