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Danny Kamin

Birth name:
Daniel Tucker Kamin
Date of Birth:
18 September 1947 Victoria County, Texas, USA
He was born in the back of a Chevy station wagon one starry night in September being driven by his late father, blazing across the desolate west Texas prairie trying to find any town with a hospital. Unable to locate either a small town or a hospital in time, his dad took command, just as he'd done for four consecutive years of war in the Pacific Theater as a naval lieutenant, and delivered Danny while his mother held a flashlight on herself as he was being born. Since then he has been in the spotlight for much of his life. When he was five years old he knew he wanted to be an actor in movies. Beginning at the age of seven, on Saturday mornings in the small Texas town where he was reared, his mother would put him on a Continental Trailways Bus (being driven by "Red") bound for Houston, Texas, to study with a later known national authority in children's theater, the late Jeannine Wagner, at the original facility for the now famous Alley Theater. His life began to revolve around theater. When he was ten, having seen James Cagney portraying Lon Chaney in Man of a Thousand Faces (1957), he knew his goal - if he were to act in movies as he had dreamed, it was to become a character actor. With the recommendation and support of his fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. McCoy, at the age of ten he was offered the opportunity to study theater in the summer at Southwest Texas University in San Marcos, Texas. He was the youngest student ever admitted to the university's summer theater program and attended it every summer for six years. At 16 teen he was offered, and accepted, the opportunity to direct. All the other directors in the program were either graduate students at the university or high school drama teachers from across Texas.He remained very active in speech and theater in high school, winning numerous local, regional and state competitions as a speaker, debater and in theater. When he was a junior in high school he was scouted by the theater department at the University of Texas and offered a full scholarship. Instead, he entered Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, to work with famed director Paul Baker, but graduated from Emerson College in Boston. Danny did not act in his first film or television project until he had graduated from law school, and become a renowned assistant district attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas, then an accomplished Assistant US Attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice, and was already in private practice as a lawyer. While he was an Assistant U.S. Attorney he pioneered the federal criminal prosecutions of film piracy (criminal copyright infringement) in the United States Fifth Circuit, and is responsible for initiating the now well known anti-piracy warning appearing at the beginning of all commercial videotapes and DVDs. That successful anti-piracy initiative earned him the prestigious John Marshall Award from the U.S. Department of Justice, presented to him during special ceremonies in Washington, DC, by the United States Attorney General, the late William French Smith. A short biography of his career as a lawyer was published in the 1985/1986 edition of "Who's Who in American Law".What drove Danny back into theater and later to pursue a career in film and television was the early death of his father. It was then Danny realized that life was short, and since one never knows when your ticket is going to get punched, he decided to fulfill is unrealized ambit8ion. He tested the waters, first returning to the stage as an actor in theater once again, and then he was offered a co-star role in his first television movie The Return of Desperado (1988) (TV) starring Robert Foxworth and Billy Dee Williams, on NBC. While Danny makes his home in Houston, Texas, he works all over North America, including Canada, and maintains a national visibility as an award-winning published stills photographer. He has been awarded the Kodak International Photography Award for his work in black and white, and was once named Texas Photographer of the Year by Texas Tech Univeristy in Lubbock, TX. When he's not working as an actor in film or on television, he hires out shooting stills for events, portraits, headshots and fine art photography.In late 2005 Danny founded a state-wide non-profit organization to combat elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of vulnerable elderly people in domestic environments. It is called Carolyn's Hope. Named for his late mother, Carolyn Tucker Kamin, who died as a result of elder abuse (was murdered) in March of 2003.
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