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Carlos Lacamara

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Date of Birth:
11 November 1958 Havana, Cuba
Carlos Lacamara was born in Havana, Cuba on November 11, 1958. He and his parents, Adria and Carlos Sr., left Cuba to escape the Cuban Revolution when Carlos was just 2 years old. From there he moved to Washington D.C., then to Puerto Rico, then to California, where he resides now. Carlos graduated from UCLA, and then started his acting career with looping jobs (looping movies such as Big, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, Jurassic Park, Team America: World Police, etc.), then went on to have small appearances on television shows such as Family Ties, T.J. Hooker, Cosby, etc. In 1991, he got a regular role on the show Nurses, as Paco Ortiz. When the show was canceled in 1994, he did more small roles on Friends, the movie Independence Day, etc. In 2000, he got another regular role on The Brothers Garcia, as Ray Garia (the dad). To this day, he does more small roles, and lives with his wife Carol, and his sons Lucas and Diego.