Audrey P. Scott photo

Audrey P. Scott

Birth name:
Audrey Paris Scott
Date of Birth:
2002 Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
4' 1" (1.24 m)
Audrey P. Scott was born in Spartanburg, SC in the summer of 2002 and relocated with her family to Texas in 2006. She is a true southern girl with all the charm and grace expected of a little lady but, also possesses a fearless tomboy nature.At 6 years old, Audrey began studying acting and caught the attention of a SAG Casting Director which led to representation and the work soon followed. Audrey can be seen in her first major role as "Young Penny Chenery" in Disney's Secretariat (2010).Audrey prides herself on being an actor who "understands this business is how lots of people make their money and support their families", which, at 7 years old, gives her keen insight into "show business". For Audrey, a day on the set is like Christmas morning - a quick hop out of bed and she is ready to go, excited to tackle the day. Her incredible work-ethic is something most adults strive to achieve.