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Andrew Keegan

Birth name:
Andrew Keegan Ocampo
Date of Birth:
29 January 1979 Los Angeles, California, USA
6' (1.83 m)
Andrew Keegan was born in Shadow Hills, California. He was first recognized for his gregarious performance of teen rebel "Zack Dell" in the cult classic film "Camp Nowhere." Barely in high school Roland Emmerick cast Keegan in the blockbuster, "Independence Day."After an immediate rise in popularity the charismatic actor guest starred on many hit shows before being cast on the TV drama "Party of Five." That same year, he landed another re-accuring role on the WB's longest running hit series, "7th Heaven," playing a single teenage father in love with Jessica Biel's character "Mary".Keegan showed his range from comedy to drama in two modern day Shakespearean film adaptations. His hilarious performance as the antagonist to Heath Ledger in the comedy "10 things I hate about you," was balanced by a solid dramatic performance as Mekhi Phifer's best friend in "O", directed by Tim Blake Nelson.As a bold choice in his career, Keegan accepted a lead role in Greg Berlanti's critically acclaimed "The Broken Hearts Club" showing a more vulnerable side as the "Newbie." The film won "Best Picture" that year at the "GLAAD Awards."In 2009, yet again expanding his range, Keegan made his theatrical stage debut in the provocative award winning play, "He Asked For It." Keegan stepped on stage as Rigby, a character tackling the emotional issues of being HIV Positive in a modern-day society.Keegan, recently, jumped into the cockpit as "Strayger", a drug smuggling pilot in the high-octane action film, "Kill Speed." Innovative technology allowed the adrenaline-driven actor to perform his own aeronautical stunts in the actual planes.Most recently, he filmed the "Penitent Man", both films are set for released in 2010.
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