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Aaron Fors

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
30 January 1989
5' 7" (1.70 m)
Aaron Lawrence Fors was born in Oregon, City Oregon on January 30, 1989. Creativity was an integral part of growing up in the Fors household and it was no different with Aaron, the youngest of seven. With two of his older siblings, Aaron began taking his first steps toward an acting career at age eight under the tutelage of acting coach Mark Boothby at Van Mar Academy in Hollywood, California. Aaron's father, a high school chemistry and biology teacher, and his mother, a writer and artist, decided that additional dialect classes would be beneficial after noting Aaron's special talent in that area. He began attending master classes with renowned dialect coaches Joel Goldes and Robert Easton. After graduating high school early at age 11 to pursue his career, Aaron began working on both television and live theater lending his talents to a variety of venues and television shows, from Lizzy Maguire to NYPD Blue. Aaron's love for the arts does not stop at acting; however, and in between acting projects he practices various forms of martial arts, (Tae Kwon Do, boxing, Kung Fu), archery, and stage fighting. In his spare time, he enjoys writing poetry and painting as well. Aaron, a self-admitted science and math geek, takes after his father in his love for biology and genetics, and is rarely seen anywhere with out his four by four Rubik's Cube. With over ten years of acting already under his belt, Aaron enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with new actors and currently teaches a beginning to advanced acting class in Studio City, California concentrating on scene study, character development and improvisation.
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