Victor Gojcaj photo

Victor Gojcaj

Birth name:
Victor Daniel Gojcaj
Date of Birth:
9 March 1983 Detroit, Michigan, USA
6' 4" (1.93 m)
Born in 1983,in Detroit, Michigan, Victor Gojcaj's family moved to The Bronx, two years later. By the age of 14 Victor had grown to over 6ft tall and was constantly getting in fights as a "White Boy" in a ruthless Bronx Public High School system. Seven months, four schools later, and three other students being hospitalized, NY State decided school wasn't for Victor. His parents enrolled him in Tae Kwon Do and Judo for the next six years, in hopes of instilling discipline in him. However, Victor tried to stay out of trouble and started working as a dishwasher at various diners in his neighborhood. Working his way up to waiter and later bouncer of many after hour night clubs; Victor had enough of working meager jobs at the age of 19. He than began running several underground gambling rings in the outer boroughs of New York. Victor spent roughly two of the following next six years in and out of both state and federal penitentiaries. Meanwhile, film director Tony Scott was scouting the streets of New York for real life past and present criminals to coach actors with the help of former head D.E.A agent Don Ferrarone. After extensive research through mug shots and both current and former cases, Ferrarone brought Victor to the attention of Scott. Scott was amazed that at such a young age (24), Victor had quickly risen through the ranks of the underworld to captain his own crew; intrigued so much he offered him the role of Bashkim (a.k.a. "Mr. Grey"): the most aggressive of the hijackers, on the condition he completely dropped all aspects of his criminal life. The producers, however, scoffed at the idea of hiring a former criminal in such a big budget movie and told Scott to "look for real actors". After months of persistence Scott finally convinced the producers that victor was his man. Victor completed filming successfully with a great presence next to John Travolta.
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