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20 February 1973 New York City, New York, USA
Ron Yuan plays Feng, a new adversary on FOX's "Prison Break" as well as making a special appearance on "Pushing Daisies". Changing hats, Yuan is working his craft behind the camera directing a series of original film noir pieces for Sony Tristar. Yuan also recently finished Universal's "Fast and Furious" portraying a comical pot smoking middleman named David Park alongside Vin Diesel and Paul Walker directed by Justin Lin.Prior to that, Yuan completed the feature "Blood and Bone". directed by Ben Ramsey (The Big Hit, Dragonball, Roses are Red), Ron stars with Michael Jai White, Eammon Walker, Nona Gaye and Julian Sands. Ron plays the collective and sarcastic right hand Teddy D.In "The Girl From the Naked Eye", directed by David Ren, Yuan stars with Dominique Swain, Jason Yee and Gary Stretch as Simon, a loan sharking strip club owner with a conscience. Yuan also made a special guest appearance in "Cold Case" playing Shinji, a father who loses his son in World War II and is suspected of murder.In the upcoming film "The Shanghai Hotel" Yuan stars opposite Hill Harper (CSI:NY), JD Williams (The Wire), Yaya Decosta (Take The Lead) Cheng Pei Pei (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Eugenia Yuan (Mail Order Bride) Yuan shines as Sharky, the film's dark and tragic antagonist. Directed by Jerry Davis, the story centers around current issues of human trafficking and forced prostitution in Brooklyn, NY.Yuan recently appeared in 2 episodes of the hit series "24" as second in command of a unit that infiltrates CTU. Yuan also appeared in "From Mexico with Love" with Kuno Becker (Goal). You can hear Yuan's voice on Def Jam Icon, Spiderman 3, Indiana Jones IV and Speed Racer games.Ron Yuan recurred as Medical Examiner Dr. Evan Zao in "CSI:NY" for Jerry Bruckheimer. Ron stars in the indie-feature "Baby" a raw and brutal depiction of street-life in the 1980's and 90's. Ron plays Tommy, a Triad gang-leader and streetwise mentor. Ron also recently appeared in Doug Ellin & Mark Wahlberg's "Entourage" for HBO as the hip charismatic director Chaing who comes to the US from HK to direct his first American endeavor. In Coalition Films "50 Pills" Ron is "The Seoul Man", a dangerous comical NYC druglord. Ron stars w/ Lou Taylor Pucci (Thumbsuckers, Empire Falls), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Spartan), John Hensley (Nip Tuck), Michael Pena (Crash, World Trade Center) and many more rising stars.
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