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Ron Bottitta

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Date of Birth:
25 December 1960 London, England, UK
5' 10" (1.78 m)
Ron is the second most famous (yet arguably the least flea-bitten) actor to come from Claygate, England. The most famous is still currently Terry Jones, and third place is still held by a beagle named "Toby" that had a recurring on a BBC sit-com called "To the Manor Born" (1979) in the '70s. He moved to the U.S. in 1979 to avoid conviction on a string of unjustified speeding tickets, and to study History at U.C. Berkeley. Reluctant to start repaying student loans, he leaped at the opportunity to go to the M.F.A. Acting program at N.Y.U., spending three precious years of his life with such neurotic geniuses as Rob LaBelle, Marcia Gay Harden, Bill Mondy, Ami Brabson, Teagle F. Bougere, and Eliza Foss. He has appeared in over 75 plays, Off-Broadway, regionally, in converted Circle K stores, and in Los Angeles, playing an assortment of characters from Nazis to lyrical guys in doublets, IRA rebels, pompous hotel detectives, cowboy politicians and lots of guys with anger issues or terminal illnesses. In 2006 he portrayed Anton Chekhov in "Chekhov and Maria" at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, in a production that moved to the Barrow Group Theatre in NYC in July of 2006. The New York Times called Ron's performance "outstanding and complex" and he agreed. In November Chekhov and Maria (2007) , starring Ron and Gillian Brashear made it onto film, directed by the legendary Eric Till, for a spring 2008 release. It has been making its way around the festival circuit, winning award after award, though astonishingly and possibly because of widescale corruption in the judging process, none for his acting. In 2008 he joined L.A.'s Rogue Machine Theatre to play the sympathetic and psychopathic killer "Leftie" in the world premiere of "Razorback", by John Pollono, a performance the L.A Times, for a very nominal fee, called "vivid and intriguing", Variety called "compelling" after only a few threatening phone calls, and the L.A. Weekly critic hailed as "terrific" and "very rich", after less than a week as a guest in Ron's windowless basement. He was again spotted at Rogue Machine last year as the "charismatically creepy" Hector Zook in the West Coast premiere of Lisa Dillman's "Half of Plenty". He's currently appearing at The Odyssey Theatre as the "psychotic" and "ghoulish" waiter Eisenring in the critically acclaimed "The Arsonists" by Max Frisch. You can find Ron on the web as detail-oriented producer Mickey Letz in "Better People",( and soon as Stuart, the well-meaning sit-com writer in "One Last Shot".Ron's been riding motorcycles since 1975 (legally since 1977), been a BMWMOA member since 1984, and recently became a proud member of the Iron Butt Association, riding his R1100RT from L.A. to Seattle in 17 hours. He's also a pilot working extremely methodically on his instrument rating. He owns and operates Canyon Flyer Inc., a motorcycle messenger service in Los Angeles. Somehow he's made the time to spawn two smart-alecky kids, Danny (b. 1995) and Sasha (b. 1997) and is married to the lovely and talented actress Holly Fulger, who gets fan mail from people in prison, and without whose support and patience none of his continued success, or periods of deep and profound depression, would be even remotely possible.
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