Joy Harmon photo

Joy Harmon

Birth name:
Joy Patricia Harmon
Date of Birth:
1 May 1940 Flushing, New York, USA
5' 5" (1.65 m)
Born in Flushing, New York, the impressively-endowed Patty Jo Harmon was discovered as a guest on "You Bet Your Life" by Groucho Marx and later invited to work with him on "Tell It To Groucho." The TV exposure parlayed her into forgotten roles in obscure films like Village of the Giants (1965) or top movies like Cool Hand Luke (1967) where she was only limited to playing a pretty face. With only a handful of television appearances to her name, she made a bigger career as a pin-up girl during the late sixties to early seventies, but she ultimately retired from acting to get married and start a family. Baking has always been a favorite pastime and she since started Aunt Joy's Cakes. She first started sharing her treats in Disney studios and now runs a wholesale bakery based in Burbank, California.