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James Cox

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Date of Birth:
5 February 1975 USA
James Cox' short film "Atomic Tabasco" caught the eyes of Michael Gruber and Mike Deluca, and at 23, was offered the opportunity to direct "A Leonard Cohen Afterworld" (later retitled "Highway"), written by Scott Rosenberg, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto. Next re-teaming with long-time collaborator Captain Mauzner, Cox co-wrote and directed "Wonderland" starring Kate Bosworth, Val Kilmer, and Josh Lucas, which premiered at the 2003 Toronto Film Festival. In late 2004, writer Shane Salerno ("Night Train") approached James to co-write with him "The Pretender" for Cox to direct. And in 2008, Radar Pictures tapped Cox and Mauzner to adapt the book "Dreamseller" for Cox to direct. James is currently finishing work on "The Trap" a contemporary police drama, set in Oakland.