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Jacob Head

Birth name:
Jacob Cabot Head
Date of Birth:
17 October 1974 Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
6' 3" (1.91 m)
Native of Worcester, Massachusetts. Attended Doherty High School in Worcester. Fourth child of five boys and one sister. Both parents were teachers. Graduate of Norwich University in Northfield Vermont. Majored in Communications and played Football for the "Cadets." Jake burst onto the Hollywood scene in the 2000 hit film "Spring Break Lawyer" playing Ox, America's favorite "meathead." The film kicked off the MTV coverage of spring break in Daytona, and it also served as one of MTV's most successful TV movies. Jake was the discovery of casting agent Gary M. Zuckerbroad and Director Alan Cohen.Jake received his first critical acclaim when he was cast by Lori Openden and Donald P. Belisario to star in the premiere episode of the CBS court Drama "First Monday". Jake had millions of viewers across the nation in tears as he delivered the heart-breaking portrayal of a mentally retarded man on death row.After the success of "First Monday" Jake earned the lead from director Mike Cargile to star in the award-winning film "Lay It Down" playing the movie's antagonist. The movie was a huge success domestically and internationally.After studying with The Groundlings and acting Coach Aaron Speiser, Jake guest starred on "Grounded for Life" with Donald Logue. Shortly after, Jake played a supporting role on the FOX Pilot "Blitt Happens", directed by Peter Farrelly.After much exploration and development as a character actor, Jake recently took his career in a new direction - a leading man. After being the lead in two plays, directed by the legendary actress and acting Coach Gloria Gifford, Jake played the unforgettable "Jake" in "A Bed and A Bar" and in the LA Times Critics Pic "Our Lady of 121 Street" by Stephen Adley Guirgis as "Balthazaar", the tortured New York City Detective. Immediately after the plays success he began studying with Miss Gifford. Since then Jake has been cast in the feature films "Spider-Man 3," "The Holiday" and "Finishing the Game."In 2009 Jake will open theaters as a leading man, with the release of "Buying Time" and the super-natural/horror "The Open Door".
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