George Williams

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA
5' 10" (1.78 m)
Born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, George grew up in the Washington, DC area (went to high school in Laurel, Maryland). George made a living as a musician (electric bass, vocals, banjo, drums, guitar, band leader) for over 20 years. His first band, in 1967, used to go up against (and get badly beaten by) a local band whose members included Greg Hawkes from The Cars, and when he studied music at Prince George's College in Maryland, one of his teachers, Jay Chattaway, went on to become a legendary film/TV composer.He served in the Army from 1969-1971 (wounded in Vietnam) where he was highly decorated and learned how to drive and fire a tank, an incredibly useful skill in daily life today!George describes himself as someone who "realized late in life" that acting is the only career in which he could be happy, so plunged in like a man on a mission. In just 8 years, with the help of some great acting coaches (led by Milton Katselas), he's appeared in over 36 films, 13 TV shows, 8 plays and 60 commercials and print jobs.Recent TV appearances include "The Forgotten" with Christian Slater, "House" with Hugh Laurie, "Leverage" with Timothy Hutton, "E-Ring" with Benjamin Bratt, and "The Young & the Restless", with series lead Peter Bergman. His films include "Don:Plain & Tall" (directed by Scott Peters, Exec Prod/Creator "The 4400"), which won the Best Comedy award at the prestigious Breckenridge Festival of Film, and "Ten Til Noon" starring with Alonso Freeman (Morgan's son), which has won no less than 9 festival awards, including IndieFest.George currently lives in Toluca Lake, California. He continues to learn Russian (was once married to a Russian lady) and still plays his bass (and banjo and guitar) whenever possible!
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