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Douglas Roy Dack

Birth name:
Douglas Roy Dack
Date of Birth:
Douglas Roy Dack is a character actor who comes from an eclectic background. He has worked in a cemetery, owned a vitamin store, been a handyman, and worked at a drive-in restaurant. His family has owned and operated corner stores. Dack has worked heavy machinery, been a supervisor, a longshoreman, cub scout leader, real estate developer and a university math teacher.Douglas Roy Dack is of Finnish decent and was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Dack came to Vancouver in 1977 on his honeymoon and never looked back. He and his wife Janice have spent the past 30 years in Kitsalano raising their three sons and managing their rental properties.Dack has been working in the Film and Television industry for the past two decades, being given his first taste of the biz through his twin boys when they were just toddlers.His favourite credits and experiences include: working on Chris Carter's The X-Files, working with Peter Deluise and Michael Robinson on Kyle XY, and Insight's Painkiller Jane for the Sci Fi Channel.Dack is a proud Shiner, Freemason and thoroughly enjoys mentoring. He has a passion for collecting. His collection has been featured on the television shows, Weird Homes and The Canadian Antique Road Show.In 2008, Dack took early retirement from being a Locomotive Engineer for CN Rail and looks forward to spending more time focusing on his acting career and playing on the boards for many years to come...
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