Dino Dos Santos photo

Dino Dos Santos

Birth name:
Dino Frenkiel
Date of Birth:
18 July 1968 Paraná, Brazil
5' 9½" (1.77 m)
Dino dos Santos was born on July18, 1968 in the city of Londrina, northern part of the state of Parana in Brazil. He is the third son of Nelson dos Santos and Maria T. dos Santos, who gave him the name Ednaldo dos Santos. In 1977 the family moved to Jacareí, where Dino was raised among the mountains, rivers, animals, and sugar cane fields. He began to work on a farm harvesting tomatoes and other vegetables.At the time Dino was only a 9-year-old child when he discovered a small circus, where the ringmaster was also the trapeze artist and in charge of the ticket booth. His wife was a contortionist and sold popcorn and their children were acrobats. This universe fascinated him and he was enchanted with it. He and his cousin Ivair watched the show, which included a contest to see who could balance on a board on a cylinder To the surprise of many in the crowd, they won the contest, and won tickets to see the show again the next day. From that day on they were both at the circus every day! That's where Dino's mind was opened to the artists... the artists that inspired him and taught him to be a great acrobat. Aside from the universe of the circus, Dino worked as a mechanic for a big company, but that had nothing to do with the world he dreamed of. When Dino was 19 he discovered the "space circus", and irresistibly went in and boldly asked if they needed an acrobat. The answer was yes. All the circus artists were seated in the bleaker to watch Dino. As he was already trained in the art of capoeira and Olympic gymnastics, he grabbed this opportunity tooth and tong, got inspired and leaped and jumped all over the ring showing all he knew. The result was better than expected as he was hired on the spot and began the same night, where he would appear with two other acrobats. That night his dreams began to come true together with a new challenge and road. He performed in every show for four weeks. Everyone in town who knew him saw the show, which now had one of its home town boys in the ring.In April of 1996, Dino moved to Israel with his wife and son to work the American Cinema who was doing several projects there. They spent 2 months in a (which was a center to aid new immigrants) where Dino took the opportunity to learn Hebrew as well as hone his physical preparation. He worked with SABAN, the creators of power rangers and VR troopers. Then came a period of extreme political instability, military conflicts and terrorist threats and all production was canceled, no more cinema, not one production. Being thus, Dino had to go to work at reconstructing houses together with Arabs and Palestines, working as a bricklayer's assistant, from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm in Jerusalem. Dino lived in Tel Aviv. Dino finished his work, but didn't get paid for it. In 1998 looking for work outside the arts, Dino worked in a steak house and became a specialist in technique of meat cuts, also working at the grill and as a waiter. Aside from this Dino was a security guard at the door of a Brazilian club in the port area of Tel Aviv. Until one night, when the restaurant had contracted dancers for New Years Eve, who didn't show up. The owner asked Dino to do the show. From that point on, Dino became waiter and showman. He worked in the club until 1999, when he heard there would be a test to be Antonio Banderas' double in the film "the body" an American/Israeli production.He got the job and went on to make many other films as Antonio Banderas' double. They have made 10 films and 1 commercial together.
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