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Christie Will

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Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Christie Will grew up in a small ski town in Northern Ontario, Canada. She was accepted into Canada's prestigious Trinity College School (boarding school), where she studied and lived for four years. For University, Christie studied at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, and then later transferred to the College of Charleston in South Carolina. At CofC Christie was a double major, earning a Theatre Performance and Business Arts Management degree, as well as distinctions for leadership in the Arts. While Christie graced stages up and down the east coast in the USA, she simultaneously began documenting life and the stories around her on film. These interests soon pulled her west to Los Angeles. Not only did Christie find success in film and TV as an actress, but she also worked as a model. It was Christie's passion for live performance and the theatre that brought her to back to Canada, where she founded Vancouver Canada's first avant-garde black box theatre; The Beaumont Playhouse. As Co-Artistic Director, she created a mission for the theatre to be based on the teachings of Sanford Meisner (Christie was a long time student of Robert Carnegie's 'Playhouse West' in Los Angeles). It was during her time back in the theatre that Christie honed in on her writing and directing for the stage. After finding success and audiences within the theatre scene, Christie soon transposed her efforts into film. She has received distinctions for both her directing and acting and she has worked for varied Hollywood professionals ranging from Peter Berg (Director/ Producer/ Actor) to Paula Abdul. As a new female writer/ director/ producer on the Hollywood scene, Christie's work has been described as 'fresh', and often has some sort of 'social commentary on Hollywood' within it. (ref: TS 2006) Christie lives on the West Coast between Vancouver Canada and Los Angeles.
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