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Anthony Quinonez

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Date of Birth:
28 April 1996 Anaheim, California, USA
Brother of Mario Quinonez JR. He loves music; plays the guitar, the piano and sings. He loves to make people laugh with jokes, funny gestures and body movements. He is a natural dancer. He plays soccer, basketball and baseball. He enjoys writing songs with his brother and he likes spelling but he is a bad speller. He is good with computers and high tech devices. Tony loves oil painting and he has been taking oil painting classes at The Art Studio at Huntington Beach, California. He's favorite food is Chinese Food and garlic bread. He loves his dad and his mom and his best friend is his brother. He and his brother Mario have their own Rock band. "The Quickfortune Band". He writes his own lyrics with his talented older brother Mario. He continues his education in music and acting with some of the best coaches in Hollywood.